The X Sports Network grew from covering high school sports on local radio in Southern Tennessee to being among the first in the nation to pioneer live video streaming of local athletic contests.  Launched in 2014, the X Sports Network began by covering Lawrence County, Loretto, and Summertown High Schools in football, basketball, and baseball in addition to producing a weekly live talk show dedicated to highlighting the student athletes at each school and offering insight into the region’s professional teams and clubs.

X Sports Network Owner & Chief Engineer Kevin Wright works a live broadcast during high school basketball tournaments

Our first step into video broadcasting was in the Summer of 2015 when the X Sports Network was tasked with live streaming that year’s Babe Ruth World Series in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee.  Our initial steps into video streaming and broadcasting the event’s games were deemed a huge success and set the stage for what was to come in 2020.

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the limiting of attendees at high school ballgames, the X Sports Network was called upon to offer live video of the games that were to be played during the 2020-2021 academic year.  X Sports staff members worked to make the request a reality and began that season with offering every game we carried on both radio and live video on social media.

Network Producer Will Pettus helms our live streaming gear during a Summertown High School basketball game.

From then on, the X Sports Network worked to cover nearly all available sports at local middle and high schools including football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, golf, and tennis.  We’ve even live stream a band competition or two along the way in addition to an NCAA Division I soccer match at the University of North Alabama.

Why do we do what we do?  Simply put, it’s about giving the student athletes something they can be proud of.  We’d like to imagine that many years from now, then former players will be able to look back with their children or even grandchildren and show them the games that defined their high school careers from the broadcasts preserved in our database.  Having this ability will hopefully bring great memories back to the former player while inspiring an entire new generation of athletes.

We will always go the distance for student athletes and local sports in Southern Tennessee and North Alabama.


Loretto Mustangs Chief Commentator Cam Mashburn talks football with Color Analyst Derrick Thomas.

Need to speak to a member of our team?  Give us a shout at the phone number or e-mail address below.  We love feedback from our viewers and listeners so drop us a line and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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Well... AJ Good is a pretty good guy.  Since he hasn't turned in a bio that he wrote himself, watch this section... his wonderful coworkers will gladly do it for him.  His story began in West Virginia... you know the place... where they sing a song that's actually about the western part of Virginia... and not about their own state...




Dusty Kizer is a native of Lawrence County, Tennessee and a 1999 graduate of Lawrence County High School.  Dusty has a deep passion for sports which led him to join the X Sports Network Broadcast Team in 2022.

He is married to Kasondra and together they have two children; Ansley, who is in her third year at LCHS, and Mason, who is in the third grade. Dusty is currently part of the LCHS Wildcats Crew with AJ Good. Dusty is sometimes referred to as the red headed step child by Kevin.




And yep... expect the same thing with Cam's bio.  Our buddy Derrick will be authoring this lovely piece on everyone's favorite Mustang commentator.  It all started with baby Cam's first words... "roll tide" ... more to come.




Clint Brazier graduated from Lawrence County High School in 1999 and attended barber college in Murfreesboro right after completion of his high school education.  He's been a barber at North End Barber Shop in Lawrenceburg ever since.

He is married to Gretchen and is the proud father of three daughters that have won a host of state championships while each attending Summertown High School.

Clint began his career in broadcasting while assisting Jack Cheatwood in the early 2000s and resumed calling games in 2014 while covering Summertown High School.  Clint says it's an honor and a privilege to work for the X Sports Network... something we wish all of our team members would say in their bio.




Hayden Burks is a native of Lawrence County, Tennessee, and a 2020 graduate of Lawrence County High School. Hayden is also a graduate of The University of Tennessee Southern and obtained his bachelor's degree in Sport Management in May of 2024.

His love for sports truly ignited when he became the manager for the Lawrence County Boys Basketball team in 2016, which led to a scholarship for the Men's Basketball team at the University of Tennessee Southern in 2020 where he soon became the head student assistant to the coaching staff.

Hayden is thrilled to have the opportunity to come back home to provide the fans of Lawrence County, Summertown, and Loretto with the best product of live stream and coverage of student-athletes all over the county.




Will is a 1997 graduate of Summertown High School and has remained a fan and supporter of Summertown sports since that time.  He has been employed as a computer programmer by TPG Capital in Fort Worth, TX since 2005.

He’s been live-streaming high school sports as a hobby, mostly for Summertown, since fall of 2021 when the Franks brothers decided to “retire” from that role.

He’s been married to Kim Pettus for over 16 years, and his son, Jake, plays football and baseball for SHS while his daughter, Macy, plays volleyball and basketball for the middle school.




Sam Camp is currently a senior at Shoals Christian School in Florence, AL, and a resident of Rogersville, AL. Also known as “Crash” among his colleagues, Sam has played football, tennis, and cross country as well as being the manager for the SCS boys basketball team.

Sam is an officer or president for multiple clubs in his school and a member of the SCS Flame band. He also has a great interest in weather and field journalism which is why he plans to study Meteorology and Journalism through Mississippi State University.

When Crash has free time you may find him playing music, watching the weather, doing aerial photography, or at hanging out at the closest Buc-ee's.




LoTown proud.

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